design justice zineHi Everyone,

I worked on this zine with many AMAZING contributors, designers, and writers!

It is Issue #3: Design Justice for Action – issue 3 of 3! You can click here to go directly to the Design Justice website to see all three issues and download for free, or order one in print for yourself!



A brief description of the Design Justice Network:

“We are striving to create design practices that center those who stand to be most adversely impacted by design decisions in design processes. We work to challenge the ways that design and designers harm Indigenous peoples, communities of color, poor and working class people, the sick and disabled, migrants, LGBTQ people, women and femmes. We use design to imagine and build the world we need to live in — one that is safe and just. We do this by producing work that is based on shared principles of design justice, by growing our international network of design practitioners and advocates, creating critical publications, and curating exhibitions.”