Victoria standing against a blue smiling, wearing all black, and with red glasses. Her hair is straight and just past her shoulders.

Hi! I’m Victoria!

Since 2010 I have been obsessively building a deep and varied web design portfolio that brings together the cultures of design and coding in the service of social justice. Watch a testimony clip with some of my clients here.

Since 2014, I have been a part of the Design Justice Network, rethinks design processes, centers people who are normally marginalized by design, and uses collaborative, creative practices to address the deepest challenges our communities face. I work under the framework of the Design Justice Principles, which were collaborative developed over years at the Allied Media Conference with some many amazing and inspiring individuals!

I have used my design and web skills to help non-profit organizations, social and environmental justice projects get their message out. When designing, I add value to all my client’s needs through incorporating my extensive skills in marketing, public relations, and social media mobilization. I consider most of the work I have done to be a mix of both UI/UX design and have an interest and passion for both.

Skills: HTML, CSS, Content Management Systems (WordPress, Drupal), print design and layout, pre-press, Adobe Creative Suite, branding and marketing.

Please get in touch if you’d like to know more, or ask me about a project!