I have quite a few ongoing projects, but am highlighting a couple below. Please CONTACT ME to find out about my availabilities, and if you have any questions about my work!

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Toronto Newsgirls- Website Re-Design

I am currently redesigning the website for Toronto Newsgirls: Heart Wolven created the original Newsgirls’ website and maintained it for over 10 years, and the re-design I am working on will be live by the start of September 2016! (Image to the left is a sample!) I am re-designing it to be user-friendly for maximum community engagement and exposure, as well as to highlight the amazing classes and other community services that Toronto Newsgirls offers! To VIEW LIVE CLICK HERE 

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Courtyard Co-Op

Courtyard Co-op is a non-profit housing co-operative incorporated under the Ontario Co-operative Corporations Act. Courtyard Co-op was founded in 1992 by a group of families with developmentally-challenged adult children. To VIEW LIVE CLICK HERE 

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Black Creek Community Farm (BCCF)- Website and Design

I am currently designing the website for Black Creek Community Farm: the farm’s mission is to engage, educate and empower diverse communities through the growing and sharing of food. I chose and have modified a WordPress theme to fit the needs of BCCF. I am also working on signage and other on-site designs. To VIEW LIVE CLICK HERE 

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Solidarity Conscious

For the solidarity conscious project, I designed the website for optimal use in community organizing, communications and as a multimedia showcase.To VIEW LIVE CLICK HERE 

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