WordPress Camp Toronto 2016I attended WordCamp years ago when I was just getting started with web design and development. I remember attending and feeling a bit lost, in a world of developers and designers who were much more advanced than I. BUT I sat in a lunch session which was a mixed discussion of designers, developers and beginners, and we discussed the things that were needed to improve our WordPress sites, and make them easier for the end user.

At the time, I was working as a technical assistant to faculty and staff at York University, and I was the “in-between” person, the “translator” between the developers of an ap that was meant to place and match students/staff to courses they were teaching, and the staff who had to use the ap and deal with the students and staff who would receive these teaching jobs. I remember often feeling frustrated that our developers didn’t quite understand who our users were, and how my boss and I at the time would use different strategies to translate the feedback we received, into something more useful for our clients.

In the WordCamp lunch session, I discussed this with the developer-dominated group that I sat in, and I remember people being very open to the ideas and feedback I had as both a beginner, and as a designer. I am excited to attendĀ #WCTO16 this year, as a more experienced web designer, to see what new skills and experience I can gain. If you’re interested in finding out more about theĀ conference, or attending yourself, you can read all about it here:


I will write more about it after the conference (August 6-7th).