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This is not  new, but lately I’ve been dealing with a lot of horrible shitty men. It’s tiring. It’s frustrating. It’s infuriating. Unfortunately for women & femme folks, this is  shit we always have to deal with. Women & femme  folks experience so many different oppressions based on race, class, gender, etc. and I admire the women & femme folks in my life who have fought back in the ways they have been able to. It’s an extremely difficult thing to do; for many, continuing to live and breathe is a fight when their struggles are dismissed, when they are told to suck it up, move on, or push forward. I have found strength in the amazing women and femme folks I know when we share our anger and sorrow, but also our love, stories, laughter, and hugs.



mansplaining "I am always grateful when a man can tell me why I am thinking what I am thinking."


When I am frustrated or upset I have found using a creative outlet to be helpful, and have started designing different memes and images to help soothe and deal with the anger. Here is my first one, based on some recent experiences I’ve had with men, *sarcasm intended. If it’s your first time seeing the word, mansplaining is when a man explains something to someone, typically a woman, in a condescending or patronizing way – for example about her/their own experiences.

Given that I am comfortable with the design aspect, but not so much the writing, I am throwing this out there to YOU —-> if you have meme text ideas that you’d like to see designed around this, or other important issues, I intend to do a new design each week! Please send me some meme text ideas, and I will try to design one for you; I’m very open to designing different memes that are helpful in any social justice work you are involved in! My capacity is one design per week. Please feel free to use and share – the graphics and background were free for personal use images that I found and modified.

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